The first work desk in Italy which fights bacteria is developed in Siena


Artexport Srl, one of the historical companies in the area of Siena which produces and sells office furniture, has developed the first Italian project which contributes to make the workplace a safer environment.

In these hard times, when we are slowly trying to get back to normal and re-open - gradually and cautiously - our workplaces with a focus on the health of workers, Artexport Srl. entered into a co-operation agreement with its preferred suppliers for the purpose of starting a process emphasizing the protection of health at the workplace. The first step of this process includes the production of antibacterial work desks.

As a result of the use of already tested technologies and products in addition to specific methods based on the protection of the health of workers and safety and hygiene at the workplace, the work desks will be produced and distributed by Artexport using specific panels with an antibacterial surface.

“The emergency caused by the dissemination of the COVID-19 virus not only changed our lives, but also the market and the requirements of all of us – argues the Chairman of Artexport, Luigi Borri. First of all, we need to find any viable solutions in the attempt to protect the global health, starting from the workers. That is why during the lockdown we sought to renew our way of working in order to provide greater safety and we decided to invest in research and development. As a result, today we can market 100% “Made in Italy” antibacterial furniture.

As is known, “antibacterial” does not mean “antiviral”, but this lays the foundations for the necessary hygiene for the people and the workplaces and the work desks will be naturally sanitized”.

“The new method will be applied to our “Open Space” and “Smart Working” ranges which are suitable, due to their nature, for practical application and are particularly “sensitive” to the dissemination of bacteria in an open space - explains the Vice President International Sales & Marketing of Artexport Srl, Marco Pedani –, but it will be extended soon to all of our products. Our office furniture will be made of melamine chipboard panels with an antibacterial surface resulting from the active substances of the ions which are incorporated into the melamine resins during the impregnation process of  the decorative papers.

The panel surface has the characteristics of a bi-laminated melamine chipboard panel consisting of 94% recycled wood. The antibacterial effect is due to a natural element. The antibacterial action continues throughout the whole lifecycle of the furniture and is microbiologically tested. The laboratory tests conducted by German independent research institutes (ISEGA) in accordance with the JIS Z 2801:2000 method proved that the growth of bacteria is inhibited and their number is reduced to 99% in 24 hours in compliance with ISO 22196”.


Italiano Nasce la prima scrivania d’Italia che combatte i batteri

Francais Le nouveau bureau italien pour combattre les bactéries

7 May 2020