Rules for the acceptance of goods on delivery


It is the customer's responsibility, upon receipt of the goods and in the presence of the Carrier's representative, to carry out the following checks:

  1. The number of packages received corresponds to that reported in the delivery note;
  2. The name of the Recipient and the description of the goods, information present on all Artexport packaging, correspond to what is described in the DDT;
  3. The packaging does not show any damage, tears or other anomalies.


Any control reserve, affixed without detailed reasons, automatically entails the non-acceptance of the complaint and consequently will not allow the free reinstatement of damaged materials. It is therefore very important to specify the type of anomaly.
By way of example we mention: uneven pallet, dent, packaging closed with Carrier's tape, damaged or wet packaging, damaged box, missing packages nr xx, ...

On the copy of the DDT that remains with the Carrier or on the Carrier's bulletin it must be clearly written: Control Reserve, followed by the reason for the reserve
Here is an example: Control reserve for Art 003/3, wet packaging.

Any dispute must be supported by photos proving the defect and also the label or writing on the packaging for proper identification of the product.

Complaints must be communicated to Artexport no later than 8 days from the date of receipt of the goods, under penalty of non-acceptance of the same.


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